Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is enjoying tremendous popularity amongst homeowners. Spray foam insulation installed in your attic increases efficiencies in heating and cooling your home, reduces air leakage, and enhances the seal of your house’s envelope. This insulation can be installed easily in attics where it can maintain continuity even over the many types of imperfections found in wall assemblies.
Spray foam reduces energy bills significantly, and adds to the value of your home. All of these factors help to explain why homebuilders and renovators overwhelmingly prefer this type of insulating material. But did you know that quality spray foam insulation products can also be environmentally friendly?
Unlike some other types of insulation installation, spray foam insulation is not a DIY project. Installing spray foam requires specialized equipment to measure, mix and spray the substance, and trained personnel to do the actual placement. Many companies in southern Ontario advertise spray foam insulation services, but it’s important to ensure that the company you choose is using quality products that are safe for your family and eco-friendly.
Quality, Environmentally Responsible Products
Spray foam can be pricier than other types of insulation, so it’s tempting to compare prices and go with the lowest estimate. But beware of companies that use inferior products! Because spray foams come in many different varieties, it’s easy to be fooled into accepting a brand that will not perform well. Be sure to choose a company that uses only insulation material that meets or exceeds the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.
One type of spray foam insulation that exceeds this requirement and many others is called WALLTITE ECO™. In fact, WALLTITE™ air barrier systems have successfully met every Canadian standard for superior insulation. Ask any prospective insulation professionals if they use this brand of product. Not only does it meet demanding performance standards, but WALLTITE ECO™ also raises the bar for environmental standards in the insulation industry.
At every step of its lifecycle, WALLTITE ECO™ is environmentally responsible. First, it uses less energy than most insulations to produce. And, as a low-density closed-cell foam, it takes a relatively small quantity of WALLTITE ECO™ to achieve the kinds of results you want. Because WALLTITE™ is shipped as a liquid that later expands by a factor of 32, it also takes less energy to transport than other types of insulation. It will not harm the ozone layer, and it has a near-zero global warming potential score.
WALLTITE ECO™ uses post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic in its manufacturing, as well as bio-based polyols from rapidly renewable resources such as castor beans.
Choosing a Company
When you’re selecting an insulation company to partner with on your home renovation project, be sure to opt for one that has a reputation for using environmentally responsible, quality insulating materials. Check out websites for prospective companies and ensure that they offer the types of services you require and the products you want.
Partner with a premium insulation company today and experience the comfort, savings, and peace of mind that spray foam insulation can bring to your home.


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